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About Pugmarks Holidays

Pugmarks is a brand synonymous with the best in adventure, wildlife and leisure camping for children. ‘Fun and Learn’ is the underlying motto of all Pugmarks camps. The camps are so well designed and conducted that nervous first time campers get invariably converted into lifetime camping enthusiasts. Their parents observe the safety precautions taken by us, the care that we take of their children and the professionalism in the overall conduct of the camps, and have no apprehensions about entrusting their children to us year after year.

Camping bestows many benefits to the participants. The campers are physically and mentally active throughout the duration. Socially, they are constantly interacting with the other children they have met for the first time – playing as a team, sharing the lodging facilities, sitting down together for their meals, showing off their varied talents during the campfire. All this leads to a feeling of self-worth, self-confidence and independence that translates into maturity. And all this while they are having a great time – quite different from the type of fun they have at home or at the school.