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    Once a hunting reserve of the royal family of Rewa, this is also the site where the famous White Tigers of Rewa were discovered. Bandhawgarh today boasts of having the highest density of tiger population in the country. The Central Indian state of Madhya Pradesh has good forest areas – which are also excellent tiger habitats. Bandhavgadh National Park in Umaria district is one such tiger heaven. In 1993, Bandhavgadh National Park became a part of the Bandhavgad Tiger Reserve under Project Tiger. It is one of the best managed National Parks in India and apart from the Tiger, one gets to see plenty of wildlife like Leopard, Hyena, Jackal, Jungle Cat, Sambar, Sloth Bear and many more. The birdlife of Bandhavgadh is equally rich with Adjutant storks and Vultures giving it the glamour. While Bandhavgadh does boast of a very good wildlife distribution, it is your observation skills that will actually help you sight these animals in the wild. Your eyes have to be sharp to look out for movements, as the prey and the predator – both rely on camouflage. Alarm calls and smells can actually make the search even more exciting.   You are able to explore the park in safari vehicles, which cover over 50 – 70 kms of forest roads during each safari Objective: The objective of the Bandhavgadh Jungle Camp is to help the participants to learn the skills of reading the Jungle Book – and not just go after the tiger alone… Any zoo would be able to help you see a tiger for sure after all.   Here the participants search for the signs and smells in the forest – that can lead to sightings of the various animals including the tiger and the leopard. Introduction to birdwatching and appreciating the various trees that Bandhavgad is so popular for is an important part of the programme. At the same time, participants will be able to able to learn about the lifestyle of the local tribals. Geography: Bandhavgarh National Park lies on the extreme north-eastern border of the present state of Madhya Pradesh in India and the northern flanks of the eastern Satpura Mountain range. At the centre of the Park is the Bandhavgarh hill, rising 811 m above sea level – surrounding it are a large number of smaller hills separated by gently sloping valleys. These valleys end in small, swampy meadows, locally known as ‘bohera’. The lowest point in the park is at Tala, 440 m above sea level. The terrain is of great rocky hills rising sharply from the swampy and densely forested valley bottoms. Distances : From Umaria, Bandhavgadh is around 35 kms. and from Jabalpur, the distance is around 190 kms. Katni is 102 kms from here. Brief Itinerary flow: This program makes a judicious use of the time available for wildlife, holiday and exploration. The first and second day help the participants to observe the pristine ecosystem of Bandhavgadh National Park. They will be able to go on the Gypsy safari and also follow a walking nature trail into the forest. Bhedaghat is where people are able to watch the two totally opposite moods of the Narmada river – the energetic and furious river falls over the Dhuandhar falls, which is a spectacular display of sound and raw power. But hardly a kilometer down stream, the river almost becomes placid as the volume of water flows through the deep gorges of Bhedaghat. The marble rocks here are worth a visit.
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