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Ganga Rafting Adventure

Kundalika Rafing

Pugmarks supports Responsible Tourism

Kundalika Rafing

Camping with Pugmarks

For the last twelve years, we at Pugmarks, have been fortunate to have found acceptance with a very large number of families who send their children with us to explore the wilderness. And what we help these children explore is more than just forts, forests, mountains, birds and animals. They, in-fact explore their “own self”!!!
On Pugmarks camps, these children participate in activities and discover their skills in the skits they put up; discuss and debate topics on resources conservation and saving tiger’s habitats, where they find a platform for their hidden opinions and voices; present song and dance performances and are amazed by their own talents; participate in adventure to overcome their innate fears during white water rafting, river crossing, rappelling, and obstacle courses; and learn to bond together to become wonderful team players.
When these little kids come back from the Pugmarks camps, their parents are surprised to see them transformed into young men and women who have added years to their ages.
These youngsters eventually go on to participate on many more camps – more as a habit that they have picked up. Parents in turn are happy that their children have taken up a “safe habit” instead of the many “distractions” that are easily available at their age.
Many of these youngsters also choose to become Volunteers with Pugmarks. These young shoulders are taught to take up big responsibilities and soon enough, learn to lead groups of young campers. The training for these young volunteers is rigorous and demanding. But the outcome is shining heroines and heroes who become idols for the little campers to follow.
As far as we at Pugmarks are concerned, this is one memorable journey of the lifetime for all of us. We only seem to get energized by all these youngsters, who in fact help us discover the child in us.
Your smiles, laughs, screams and shrieks give us the satisfaction that we taking the right course.
Long live the spirit of discovery!!!

Care and safety on Pugmarks Camps

Pugmarks has an immaculate safety record. We are proud of it and strive to maintain it. Here are some routine precautions built into the system.

  • While rafting, helmets and life jackets are mandatory.
  • SCUBA diving will be on one is to one basis, ie, one instructor one camper.
  • The camp in charge must carry oxygen cylinders when climbing beyond 10,000 ft.
  • A volunteer must carry the first aid kit on person.
  • Every camp must have at least one girl instructor/ volunteer.
  • In case of an emergency, inform the office immediately. The office has far more resources at their disposal and can consult with the experts in the field.
  • Medical Aid: Pugmarks establishes a tie up with local hospital/ Nursing home/ doctor at every camp site. In case of remote areas, either a vehicle is retained at the campsite or it is on call at the local transporter. For minor injuries or ailments first aid kits of the instructors are useful.
  • A roll call/ physical count will be taken to ensure nobody is left behind. This will be observed during travel, treks and all activities.
  • Girls and small children will not be allowed to visit public toilets without an escort.
  • During jungle safaris, nobody is allowed to get down from the vehicle.
  • A Pugmarks instructor will lead the walking trail in the jungle. The end will be brought up by another instructor and nobody will trail behind him.
  • In case a camper has breathing difficulty or suffers symptoms of high altitude sickness, he will be immediately shifted to a lower altitude.
  • Food on Pugmarks camp is good and plentiful. It is predominantly vegetarian, freshly cooked, non oily, non spicy.
  • Water on campsites is clean It is treated with liquid chlorine if required.

Frequently asked questions

What happens if my child falls sick on the camp?

Common ailments like fever, cough, cold, bruises are treated immediately on the
campsite. All volunteers carry a basic first aid kit with them on person. In case a child
requires more attention, he/ she is immediately taken to the nearest medical center. We
always keep the parents informed about the child’s well being.

Is it safe to drink water on the camp?

All Pugmarks’ campsites provide filtered drinking water. For additional precautions, our
instructors carry Medichlore drops.

What food should my child carry for the journey?

Mothers are requested to give food like parathas or theplas, sufficient ONLY for the
immediate next meal. During the summer months, food tends to get spoilt very fast and
can give rise to digestional problems. Please do not send any milk products or non-veg
items to avoid food poisoning. Children can have freshly prepared breakfast, lunch,
dinner and snacks from the train pantry.
You may give biscuits, ladu or chikki, however please avoid junk food like potato chips,
farsan, etc. Energy drinks like Red Bull are banned on Pugmarks camps.

How many volunteers accompany the group?

We normally have one volunteer for every 10-15 campers. Each of these volunteers has
undergone year long training with Pugmarks. We try to ensure that at least one female
volunteer accompanies each group. Additionally, local staff provides logistical support.

How do I find out what the campers have been upto on the camp?

The easiest way is to check “Camps in progress” on our homepage at Alternatively, you can call us on 25457414 or 30523478 during
office hours. Whenever possible, the children will try to call you from the camp site.

How much money should I send with my child?

As you are aware, the camp cost does not cover the following expenses-

  • meals during travel (approx. Rs. 200 per day),
  • miscellaneous expenses like soft drinks, mineral water, telephones, laundry,
    porterage, etc.,
  • shopping.

For children below the age of 14, extra cash in proper denominations can be handed
over to the volunteer in a sealed envelope with the child’s name and amount clearly
written on it. It would be a good idea to let your child keep around Rs. 150/- on person during travel.