Corporate Programmes

Invitation to Wilderness Discovery programmes.

Walk the wild side…

Gather wild flowers…

Chase butterflies…

Listen to birdsongs…

Recharge your batteries…

and Make new friends.

Come discover your wild side with PUGMARKS

For Corporate groups

Picnics and Outings

             All ‘taken care of’ Outings – food, travel and activities

             Loads of fun games

             Most interesting destinations

             Highest safety standards

             Dance Party

             Optional : Adrenaline rush – Adventure activities

             Adventure – Rappelling, Flying Fox,

             Obstacle Course

             Trek / Nature Trail and games

Outbound Training Programmes : Self discovery programmes:

These programmes present the challenge of meeting strategic goals in a mentally demanding atmosphere.

             Overcome fears

             Gain Self Confidence

             Learn to Take Decisions

Adventure Programmes:

They are designed to provide an ambitious challenge for employees of all ages and all physical conditions.

             Rappelling, Rock climbing

             Flying fox

             Burmah Bridge & Tarzan Swing

             Commando  Net

             Balance Walk

             Monkey Crawl

             Parallel Ropes

             Rope Ladder

             Tyre Square

             Tunnel Crawl