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Reporting         Departure        Arrival Time                 11:00 pm         7:00 pm approx. depending on traffic Starting Point   Raja Shivaji Vidyalaya (King George School), Gate no. 4, Dadar East, Opp. SBI Building, Hindu Colony End Point  : Raja Shivaji Vidyalaya (King George School), Gate no. 4, Dadar East, Opp. SBI Building, Hindu Colony and drops on the way, if feasible for participants Day Plan: 11:00 pm         Bus leave from Mumbai 4:30 am            Arrive at Base Village of Raigad 7.00 am            Breakfast and start trek upto top from base 9.00  am           Reach top of Raigad 9.15 am            Visit monuments / ruins / temples around the fort and learn about history of Shivaji Maharaj by our Escorts. 12:30 pm         Lunch 2.00 pm           Leave for Base village 3:30 pm           Arrive at Base village and depart for Mumbai   7:30 pm           Reach Mumbai

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    Raigad is one of the most important forts in the history of Marathas, being the first capital of independent Maratha kingdom or “Hindavi Swarajya”. Graded as the most secured and most appropriate location by the King himself, the fort stands proudly showing the strength of the Maratha Empire. Raigad fort is situated 25 km north of the modern day Mahad town. Being situated comparatively near to the sea, with Mahad being in reach, and at same distance from Mumbai, Pune and Satara, Raigad enjoyed a strategic position. Moreover, it is an important link between the Deccan plateau and the coastal Maharashtra. Raigad is well surrounded by mountains and was considered secured. The fort is surrounded on its north and east by Kaal River and Gandhari River flows from its west side. Fort Lingana is situated to the east side and Kokandiva to the north. If the skies are clear, we can see Rajgad-Torna on the east and Pratapgad, Vasota and Makarandagad on the south.

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    One Day / Overnight Treks
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