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Reporting Time Departure : 6.00 am Arrival : 7.30 pm approx. Starting Point : Garware college main gate, Karve road End Point : Garware college main gate, Karve road   6:30am            Bus leave from Mumbai / Pune (Enroute breakfast) 9:00am            Arrive at Base village Khandale. 11:30am          Reach on Sagargad (Visit temples, lake cannons and other remnants                         of the old fort. 12:30 pm         Lunch 2:00 pm           Leave for Base village 4:30 pm           Bus leave for Mumbai / Pune   7:30 pm           Reach Mumbai / Pune

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    Trekkers around Mumbai/Pune can visit Sagargad a.k.a. Kheddurg all year round. This fort was built to keep an eye on the shores of Alibaug and Dharamtar creek. Until the establishment of forts like Khanderi, Kulaba and Sarjekot by Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj, the onus of protection of the coast around Alibaug was on Sagargad alone. It should be noted that although the fort is called Sagargad (Sagar = sea, Gad = fort), the fort itself is 5 miles from the sea. Very less is known about the origin of the fort or who built it. Shivaji Maharaj won the fort from Adilshaha in 1660 A.D. Sagargad was one of th  e 23 forts handed over to Mughals in the treaty of Purandar in 1665 A.D. Shivaji Maharaj won the fort back after he escaped from Agra. This fort then saw many rulers till it was finally taken over by the British in 1881.
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    One Day / Overnight Treks
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