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At the Pugmarks Tree Tops camp your child learns to stay away from parents and live independently for three nights. It is a learning experience for the parents as well- they realize that their kid has grown up and can be on his own for some time. This camp symbolizes a rite of passage- the child is getting ready to test his wings. Nature trails, handicrafts, team games, treasure hunts, obstacle course ensure that the children have a great time. An added attraction at Farmville is a chance to observe and play with animals on the farm – cows and sheep, dogs and ponies. Objective:  The main aim of this camp is to help your child live independently of parents for 3 nights/ 4 days. Together with other children, your child learns the basics of sharing and caring. While on the camp, he also learns to admire trees, observe plants and gaze at the stars. Farmville camp is situated near Saswad town, about 40 kms. from Pune. The camp is located on the bank of a lake and accommodation is on room sharing basis. Location: Village Bhilar, off Panchgani - Mahabaleshwar road.   Distances: 105 kms from Pune. Brief itinerary flow: Participants arrive at the campsite for breakfast. After checking into the beautiful campsite, their activities begin. Throughout the day, they are busy – getting little time to miss their homes!!! The typical day begins at daybreak – after freshening up, the group has milk and biscuits. They start their day with exercises and a few running games. This warms them up for the day long activities. They return for a hearty breakfast. The food is simple, wholesome and tasty – to the liking of that age group. We also ensure that it is not oily or spicy. The water at the campsite is filtered and safe. Breakfast is followed by a whole lot of games and activities. These games are played outdoors. They are played in a way to make the kids make new friends and learn caring and sharing with each other. They then have a short walk to the neighbouring meadow or ride to the Emu farm. End of the activity time leads to bathing and freshening up.  After a sumptuous lunch, the group stays indoors. It is here that they learn different art forms like paper craft, clay modeling etc. They also get time to prepare their skits and dances. Some kids may use this time to catch up on a little sleep. The evening session begins with snacks and milk or juice. Kids are then introduced to new field games or enjoy a game of football. They also get time to visit the animal farm – to meet ponies, goats and cows. A walk into the vegetable growing area is helpful to understand the language that Mom uses – ripe, unripe, seeds, pods and fresh vegetables. Kids also pick vegetables for their meals.  After enjoying their dinner, the little campers are tired yet wanting to do something productive… they end up preparing for the campfire songs or dance performance.  Lights out is by 9.30 – giving them sufficient time to sleep peacefully – considering that another day of activities awaits them.        

Trip Overview
  • Highlights


    introduce your child to THE outdoor life.  Scream, shout, play, run, eat. NO scolding, NO sermons, NO punishment. ONLY MASTI !!!  Nature trails, short treks, bird watching, star gazing, arts and crafts, obstacle courses, fun competitions & games and some more games..

  • Type
    Tree Tops
  • Day 1
    Report at 0700 hrs sharp at Congress Bhavan near Pune Municipal Corporation. The bus departs at 0715 hrs. Breakfast enroute. Arrive at the Panchgani camp around 1100 hrs.
    Report at 0545 hrs sharp at Raja Shivaji Vidyalaya, Dadar (E). The bus departs at 0600 hrs. Breakfast enroute. Arrive at the Panchgani camp around 1230 hrs.
    Briefing, introductions, games and activities.
  • Day 2
    Early morning trek to the Table Top. Know your mountains, valleys, rocks and rivers.
    After breakfast, group competitions at the obstacle course – running, climbing, crawling, balancing. Craft/painting in the afternoon.
    Games in the evening. Sky watch / Farewell party at night.
  • Day 3
    Treasure hunt, certification and farewell. Return to Congress Bhavan between 1730 to 1800 hrs. / Return to Raja Shivaji Vidyalaya between 2000 to 2030 hrs.
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