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Day 1     Pune campers: To report at Congress Bhavan at 0630 hrs. Reach Bandra Terminus at 1130 hrs by Bus. Mumbai campers: To report at 1130 hrs at Bandra Terminus. All campers will depart by (12216) DEE Garibrath at 1255 hrs. Day 2     Arrive Delhi Rohilla station at 1210 hrs and depart by chartered Volvo bus for Manali at 1500 hrs. Day 3     Reach Manali (Prini base camp) early morning. Allocation of tents followed by ice-breaking and introduction session. Evening session of group games. Overnight at Prini base camp. Day 4     Manali – Acclimatization walk – Arjun Gufa, Sharvani Devi Temple, Thakshak Nag Bhanara and back to camp site at Prini. 4 hrs Bhanara is situated at 2200 m. There is an old temple dedicated to the local God Thakshak Nag, and as we near Banara, we will be able to see remnants of the forts of Raja Piti, an earlier ruler of Kullu. The Arjun Gufa is a cave of historical significance where Arjun of Mahabharata fame is believed to have taken refuge during the exile of the Pandvas. In the afternoon participants will go for River crossing. Overnight at Base Camp at Prini. Day 5     Base Camp, Prini – Klount (2230 m.) 4 hours Trek starts from the campsite i.e., Prini, down to Bhanu Bridge, and over the Beas River to the other side of the valley. The trek is approximately an hour of steep ascent initially and then zigzags through dense forest of Blue Pine, Cedar, Oak, Silver fir upto Klount. Enjoy adventure activities in the evening. Overnight at Klount. Day 6     Klount – Dudhu Dogh (2750 m.) 4 hours Today’s trek is very pleasant, the trail proceeds in a zigzag way through dense forest of Pines and Silver Fir. From Dudhu Dogh (Dogh means rock cliff) , we will be able to see Hamta valley, Deo Tibba, Shirgan Tungu and it’s surrounding mountain pastures. Enjoy adventure activities in the evening. Overnight at Dudhu Dogh. Day 7     Dudhu Dogh- Laangha Thach (3370 m.) 4 hours Today’s steep trail zigzags its way through Mondru Dogh (2910 m.) and Phanai Dogh (3325 m.), then to Laangha Thach. Laangha Thach (a balcony) is known as the courtyard of mountain pastures and boasts magnificent views of lofty mountains and beautiful valleys. Enjoy adventure activities in the evening. Overnight at Laangha Thach. Day 8     Laangha Thach – Sour Tal Lake (3700 m.) 2 hours and Mahili Thach Camp (3200 m.) 3 hours Today we trek along snowy ridges and enjoy close views of the Deo-Tibba massif, Inderkilla, Indrasan peaks, Rohtang Pass and the enchanting Beas Kund massif. The climb then proceeds along a ridge that brings us to the beautiful frozen lake, where we are rewarded by breathtaking views of the surrounding mountain peaks and the views of the greater Himalayan range beyond. The descent to Mahili Thach camp is made enjoyable by glissading at some places on the way. From the camp, you enjoy an uninterrupted view of the Dhauladhar range, Chhota Bhangal, Kaliheyni Pass and it’s lofty mountain peaks. Enjoy adventure activities in the evening. Overnight at Mahili Thach. Day 9     Mahili Thach – Malah (2190 m.) 4 hours Today we follow a zigzag route to descend to Malah village campsite which is situated amidst Apple trees. In the evening we indulge in some fun adventure activities.Overnight at Malah village. Day 10   Malah – Base Camp Prini via Road Head 17 Miles 4 hours Today’s trail descends to Ligan Village (2090 m.), Mohila village then through apple orchards to the road ahead. Here we get into a bus and proceed to Prini Base Camp.Overnight at Prini Base Camp. Day 11   Late wake up … After breakfast packed up from the campsite. Depart for Delhi Rohilla. Day 12   Arrive Delhi Rohilla to board (12215) DEE BDTS Garibrath at 0920 hrs.   Day 13   Arrive at Bandra Terminus at 0810 hrs. Arrive Pune by bus at Congress Bhavan at 1200 hrs.

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    Did you always dream of playing in the snow to your heart’s content? Here is your chance to do exactly that- trek in the Valley of Snow, make a snowman and have a snow fight and slide. This is one of the most beautiful Himalayan Treks in Manali.

    On your way up, you will be trudging through forests of pine and rhododendron, making this a ‘fragrantly’ unforgettable experience.  

    Trek to Sour Tal (3700m) Lake (A Group of Frozen Mountain Tarns) is one of the few unexplored, less known & most spectacular and impressive Himalayan treks of the Kullu valley. This is a challenging & scenic, summer trek. Starting from the Prini Base Camp the trek winds through the Dhauladhar range of Chhota Bhangal region through lush green valleys, high-altitude meadows and dazzling landscapes. To keep you company, are the peaks of the Pir- Panjal range in the Hamta region – viz., Indrasan, Inderkilla, Shirgan- Tungu, and Deo-Tibba. Rohtang Pass, & Beas Kund massifs can also be seen at a distance.

    Trek leaves Manali valley, proceeds further through evergreen cool forests of cedar, Silver fir, walnut, oak, Silver birch and the occasional alder. We are sure you will fall in love with the Himalayas. Manali, is situated in the upper Kullu Valley on the banks of the river Beas. The picturesque Kullu valley is drained by the Beas river and fringed by the Pir Panjal range to the North, Bara Bhangal range to the West and Parvati range to the East. The weather varies dramatically over different regions of the Himalayas. Summer, mid March to end June, known as the pre-monsoon season is the one of the best time to trek and climb as there are long days of nice, pleasant weather. The snow lines are quite low early on in this season as the winter snow just starts to melt.

    The main objectives of this trek are : To instill a sense of adventure among the participants and help the participants get over the fears of the unknown, thereby developing their overall personality.

    Activities Trekking, rock climbing, valley crossing, campfire etc. Camp Grade Difficult. Good stamina essential.   Special Trek through Rhododendron, Oak, Deodar forest. You can enjoy Himalayan birding with around 50+ odd species of birds which are spotted around this region – if you are a birder.


    Of the various Himalayan Treks, the Sour Tal Trek is one of the most sought after as it is comparatively easy to approach and to complete. However, one would need some basic trekking experience and good fitness to complete this trek as the higher reaches are snow bound and is a bit difficult to traverse and complete. 

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