Summer camps

Pugmarks is a brand synonymous with the best in adventure, wildlife and leisure camping for children. ‘Fun and Learn’ is the underlying motto of all Pugmarks camps. The camps are so well designed and conducted that nervous first time campers get invariably converted into lifetime camping enthusiasts. Their parents observe the safety precautions taken by us, the care that we take of their children and the professionalism in the overall conduct of the camps, and have no apprehensions about entrusting their children to us year after year.

Camping bestows many benefits to the participants. The campers are physically and mentally active throughout the duration. Socially, they are constantly interacting with the other children they have met for the first time – playing as a team, sharing the lodging facilities, sitting down together for their meals, showing off their varied talents during the campfire. All this leads to a feeling of self-worth, self-confidence and independence that translates into maturity. And all this while they are having a great time – quite different from the type of fun they have at home or at the school.

Pugmarks has been always known for its summer camps and the variety of outdoor activities we provide to the adventurous kids between the age groups of 10-24 and maybe even to older kids in certain sections

The Summer Camps and outings not only keeps your kids occupied but also teaches them attributes that are very much essential in today's world to excel and go ahead in life successfully. We not only hold Mumbai Summer Camps but also Pune Summer Camps and even the Summer CAmps near Auragabad and Summer Camps near Belgaum. Kids and youngsters from all over the State of Maharashtra and sometimes even from other States and Countries join in to have their quota of fun and go back connected with us for a lifetime and lots of new friends

Our Summer Camps near Mumbai and Summer camps in general would not only include the Junior adventure group but also the senior adventure groups. Activities could include trekking, outdoor activities, adventure activities, high altitude trekking in the Himalaya, wildlife related safaris and treks and not to mention even activities like swimming, snorkelling and scuba diving in Lakshasweep or off the Konkan Coast.

Summer is also a time for the kids to have their annual holidays post their final exams, so most kids just go out there to enjoy their outings and chill out and maybe learn a few things. Pugmarks definitely covers all these criteria, at competitive prices and without a compromise on the maximum safety of the participants and the accompanying leaders. The kids also learn some of our trademark games and songs which are passed on through the years and are a hit with the kids.

In all Pugmarks offers the entire gamut of activities along with a lot of fun element thrown in and of course a lot of adventure too. This potpourri has worked wonders and we have campers coming back to us again and again every year to join us in our summer camps and renewing the bond of friendship and camaraderie not only with Pugmarks but also with their Pugmarked friends who they look forward to meet every year thus forming a bond of lasting friendship.  

We are always delighted to have more and more campers join us in our Mumbai Summer Camps, Pune Summer Camps, Summer Camps Near Aurangabad and Summer Camps Near belgam